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Upgrading GJ Reservoir Tower Platform to Asset Standard

Barnfield Engineering was assigned the task of upgrading the GJ Reservoir Tower platform to meet asset standard requirements. The original flooring was rusted, broken, and unsafe. The handrailing was also unsteady and did not adhere to the required height requirements. In order to create a secure and safe walkway throughout the reservoir tower platform, Barnfield Engineering successfully designed, manufactured, and installed GMS flooring and railing. This case study demonstrates the process in detail.

Project and Scope

  • Replacing the rusted original components with flooring and a handrail fabricated from GMS.
  • Confirming that the newly installed flooring and railing satisfied safety requirements and offered a secure passage.
  • Using galvanised 25x5 OMF (Open Mesh Flooring) for strength and longevity.
  • Whilst the steel structure is being removed, ongoing inspections are being done to look for any hazardous corrosion.
  • To increase safety, the railing will be upgraded with new 42mm diameter tubes and standards, raised to a height of 1100mm.
    installing a bright yellow kickplate made of GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) as part of the handrail installation.
  • Four clips per panel were used to hold the flooring down, and swarf was diligently collected with a magnet all throughout the job.
  • Three ultrasonic sensors were modified and hinged on brackets for simple maintenance. These sensors measure the GJ reservoir's level.


Design and Fabrication of GMS Flooring and Handrail

Barnfield Engineering designed GMS flooring and railing components. The choice of 25x5 OMF assured a strong and long-lasting flooring solution, while the galvanising procedure added extra defence against corrosion. The new railing was created using 42mm diameter tubing and was raised in height to improve safety. A yellow GRP kickplate was also installed as a visible safety measure.

Assessment of Steel Structure 

Barnfield Engineering routinely inspected the steel structure during the removal of the old flooring to look for any hazardous corrosion that would jeopardise the platform's overall integrity and safety. By using preventive measures, any corrosion problems were swiftly identified and fixed.

Replacement of Handrail

The new 42mm diameter tube/standards were installed in lieu of the previous handrail, which was flimsy and shorter than necessary. Safety was greatly improved. The handrail was installed in accordance with the high requirements set by WIMES/TW Asset Standards, including the installation of the yellow GRP kickplate.

Flooring Installation and Swarf Collection 

Four clips per panel were used to firmly fix the new GMS flooring panels, assuring their durability and lifespan. Barnfield Engineering meticulously gathered swarf with a magnet throughout the project, keeping the workplace tidy, secure and preventing contamination.

Modification of Ultrasonic Sensors

Barnfield Engineering adapted the GJ reservoir's level sensors that were mounted on brackets and hinged for simple maintenance, enabling effective monitoring and adjusting.

Results and Benefits

Barnfield Engineering's efforts in upgrading the GJ Reservoir Tower platform yielded several positive outcomes and benefits, including:

  • The platform will have sturdy, GMS flooring installed in lieu of the old, corroded flooring to ensure a safe pathway.
  • Installation of a new handrail that complies with safety requirements, has a height of 1100mm, and features a yellow GRP kickplate for improved safety visibility.
  • Continual inspection of the steel structure to spot and treat any corrosion and maintain the platform's overall integrity and safety.
  • Using four clips per panel, the flooring panels are securely installed, ensuring stability and lifespan.
  • Diligent swarf collecting using a magnet while upholding a clean and secure workplace.
  • Modification of ultrasonic sensor brackets to make level measurement of the GJ reservoir simple to maintain and effective.
  • All work was completed in line with WIMES (Water Industry Mechanical and Electrical Specifications) standards and the TW Asset standard to ensure compliance and quality.
  • Barnfield Engineering successfully upgraded the GJ Reservoir Tower platform, replacing the damaged flooring and handrail to bring it up to asset standard. The platform's safety, durability, and general functioning were all improved by Barnfield Engineering's high-quality solution, which was supplied with a focus on safety, adherence to standards, and effective installation methods.

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