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Replacement of Damaged Flooring over Penstock Chamber

Barnfield Engineering was assigned to replace dangerous flooring with a suitable substitute. This Project was critical to ensure a swift turnaround as it was delaying a T1 contractor as a result Barnfield had 2 days to design and fabricate a bespoke solution to replace the existing steels dating back to 1858. This case study demonstrates the strategy used by Barnfield Engineering to finish the project effectively.

Project Scope

  • Remove the old, damaged flooring and barrier the work area.
  • The old flooring should be palletised and removed from the area using the Barnfield HIAB Waggon.
  • Design, manufacture, and installation of support steelworks are required to provide structural integrity and avoid underfoot deflection.
  • Install the new flooring and fasten each panel with countersunk fasteners.
  • Utilise a magnet to gather all of the swarf produced throughout the process.


Removal of Existing Flooring

To prevent any disturbances and to guarantee the team's and other personnel's safety, Barnfield Engineering started by securely separating the work area. We used the proper tools and equipment to properly remove the damaged flooring. The fast removal of the old flooring from the site was made possible by Barnfield's specialised HIAB Waggon, guaranteeing a tidy and organised workstation.

Design and Fabrication of Support Steelworks 

Barnfield Engineering designed and produced support steelworks to ensure the stability and structural integrity of the new flooring. To support the weight of the aluminium flooring and avoid any deflection or instability, these steelworks were meticulously constructed. It was essential to carefully place the support steelworks to provide a strong and long-lasting flooring solution. These were primed then finished with 3 coats of specialist paint.

Installation of Aluminium Durbar Flooring 

The installation of the GRP flooring by Barnfield Engineering began once the support steelworks were put in place. The flooring was fastened with M8 CSK fasteners, resulting in a safe and solid installation. With less downtime and faster project completion, this technique sped up installation.


Barnfield Engineering kept a tidy and secure work environment throughout the project by employing a magnet to capture any swarf produced during installation. The company's dedication to environmental sustainability and occupational safety was evident in its meticulous attention to detail in waste management. 

Results and Benefits

The project was successfully finished in 2 days as a result of the Aluminium Durbar flooring solution being used by Barnfield Engineering. The following were the major benefits and results attained:

  • Damaged flooring was removed without any accidents or delays.
  • Utilising the Barnfield HIAB Waggon, the old flooring was efficiently removed and disposed of.
  • Installation of robust support steelworks to guarantee structural integrity and avoid deflection.
  • Use of Aluminium Durbar flooring with outstanding anti-slip characteristics to increase safety.
  • Swarf collection and disposal done properly, keeping the workplace tidy.


Barnfield Engineering successfully replaced the damaged flooring with a Aluminium Durbar solution. Our meticulous approach, from isolating the works area to the installation of support steelworks and new flooring, resulted in a high-quality and efficient outcome. By adhering to industry standards and prioritising safety and sustainability. 

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